Nikkei research & consulting


Our Mission is...

To help our clients achieve success by better understanding how to best meet customer demands.

Nikkei Research & Consulting (Thailand) provides our clients high-quality research, data and analysis to help inform smart decision making on how to best meet the demands of their customers.

At a broader level, our challenge is to clarify through research what the public wants and needs so companies can deliver products and services to benefit society.  

Our Value is "MOVE"

Mutate and Innovate

Outspoken and Honest

Value Others

(Respect others and respect differences)

Enjoying the work

(Work with passion and professional)

Nikkei Research & Consulting (Thailand)

Thai Market Research Team Qualifications

  • ■ 27 Years of research expertise in Thailand
  • ■ Digital analysis support by Tableau
  • ■ Expertise in CATI, CAPI, and PAPI interviewing
  • ■ Focus Group Organization and Moderation in Thai and English
  • ■ In-depth interviews in Thai, English & Japanese
  • ■ Member of TMRS & ESOMAR

Key Expertise

Nikkei Research & Consulting (Thailand)

15 full-time staff and access to more than 300 local interviewers:

■ 24 Hours Clients’ Responsiveness

■ CAPI and CATI Capabilities

■ Experienced Moderators

■ Innovative Digital Devices

■ Research Analysts

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