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What do employees think about when they hear the term “corporate compliance”? For some, it is a normal part of doing business – the way of work that all companies Read more

In our previous article, we explored how to inspire employees to view themselves as more than just workers and to become company ambassadors. We also looked at what makes employees feel Read more

新型コロナウイルス(Covid-19)の感染拡大により、年末までは誰も予期していなかった程に、経営者はここ数カ月で迅速な情報収集、リスク管理、そして判断に直面しています。マネジメントの範囲も、出社自粛の動きから、社内から社内外へと拡大し、 Read more

In our previous article, we took a deep dive into the expectation and needs of employees regarding their workplaces. Based on our in-depth survey* conducted during December 2019, we analyzed what created Read more

In our previous article, we looked at Hatarakigai in Thailand and the keys to building meaningful work and workplaces. We will now take a deeper dive into the expectations and needs of Read more

Osami Nitta replaces Toru Yamashita as Managing Director / MD交代のお知らせ We would like to announce that Osami Nitta has been replaced as our Managing Director since this February.新田雄己が2020年2月1日付でManaging Directorに就任致しました。今後ともNikkei Research Read more