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Nikkei Research has been conducting the annual survey on Japanese companies, regarding salaries and benefits of their local staff, in 9 Asian countries/region and 3 American countries over 20 years. The reports of “The Survey of Salaries and Employment Benefits for Local Staff in Japanese Companies in Asia” cover the latest valuable trends seen in HR data, including pay structures, pay increase, bonus, and welfare. The data is summarized by country and region in order to support your local HR strategies.



Salary Reports (Asia)

  • Single-country (region) Edition 各国・地域編 : 12,500THB/country(region)
No. of responded
No. of responded
Singapore108Hong Kong87
  • *The prices above are for when the reports are purchased in Thailand, and the VAT is not included. In case of ordering from other countries, please kindly refer to the order form to check the local price. 
  • 価格はタイ国内で購入した際の税抜き価格です。タイ国外からお申し込みの際は、申込書にて価格を確認ください。(日本国内で購入される場合は、日経リサーチのレポートページから「購入お申し込み」に進んでの注文も可能です。)
  • If you have any inquiries about the Salary Reports, please contact the local sales shop.
  • サラリーレポートご購入のお申込み・お問合せは各国販売店に連絡下さい。
Thailand, VietnamCOMM BANGKOK CO., LTDinfo@commbangkok.com
SingaporeMEDIA JAPAN PTE LTDasiaX@mediajapan.sg
MalaysiaCEM ASIA SDN BHDpanora@panora.info
IndonesiaPT. CAHAYA LINTAS CEMERLANGinfo@sarasa-indonesia.com
Hong Kong天益成広告(香港)有限公司hkeditor@tianyicheng.com
Philippines, Taiwan,South Korea, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, UAE, JapanNIKKEI RESEARCH INC.

Survey Overview

  • Contents 調査項目
  • Total payment by job title, Pay increase rate, Payment structure and bonus, Allowances, Benefit, Staff leave system, Personnel strategy (including Recruiting status and Turnover rate), Salary gap based on language skills, HR management issues, Change due to COVID-19 & Compiliance issues, etc. *Contents are slightly different depending on the country/region.
  • 職種別給与支給額、昇給率、給与体系・ボーナス、手当、各種ベネフィット、休暇制度、採用人数、離職率、従業員の語学力による給与水準の差、労務・人事課題、COVID-19による変化&コンプライアンス課題など *国・地域により若干内容は異なります。
  • Target Industry 調査対象職種
  • 21 industries adjusted for the local employment situations
  • 現地の雇用事情に合わせた21職種
  • Target Respondents 調査対象者
  • Japanese companies located in the target countries (region)
  • 対象国・地域に所在の日系企業
  • Research Methodology 調査方法
  • online survey
  • インターネット調査
  • Research Language 調査言語
China :Japanese and Chinese
Other countries :Japanese and English
  • *The languages used in the reports are the same as above.
  • Research Timing 調査期間
  • August – October 2021

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact below.


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